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Specialists in Motels, Hotels, Caravan Parks and Franchises.

We deliver the most comprehensive and focused legal due diligence report in the industry. With years of industry experience, we approach our due diligence of your business or land with both legal requirements and business operation in mind. The practical advice in our report is what sets us apart.


A bespoke, expert legal firm with a dedicated focus on:



Caravan Parks

Tourist Parks

Bed & Breakfasts





Wills &

& Companies



A few words from our clients:

Cutting through the legal maze

The reality is, at some stage, almost all of us will require the assistance of a lawyer. From time to time, even lawyers need lawyers. What often makes the process daunting, is the volume of legal jargon that you encounter during a transaction. We pride ourselves in minimising the confusion and taking you on a smooth journey through the legal maze. We’ll endeavour to break down each component of your deal and ensure that you understand the process. If you’d prefer not to know and leave it to the experts, then we’ll try our best to keep the questions and advice to a minimum.

A Genuine Approach

Yep, we know it’s hard to believe, but you’ll be dealing with a genuinely honest person. As the client, you’ll always come first and we’ll always be straight up with you.

Prompt Delivery

We won’t leave you waiting for weeks and we’ll actually take your calls. Our aim is to respond promptly and let you get on with your daily business.

Open Communication

Our approach is to explain why and how. We’ll seek your instructions and we’ll give you honest, frank advice. The aim is to communicate throughout the transaction, by both phone and email. Transparency is key, so we’ll provide fee updates as and where necessary. If you don’t understand it, we’ll explain it.

Attention to Detail

If you had to categorise our skill base, attention to detail would be at the top of that list. Whether buying a multi-million dollar hotel or leasing a retail shop, we’ll give your matter the fine detailed attention it deserves. We have a strong focus on mitigating loss and maximising potential.

Legal Knowhow

With years of expert experience in both the accommodation industry and the billion-dollar commercial/property world, we’ve got you covered on all large and small jobs. Approaching transactions with a good degree of ‘street smart’ and practicality.

Caravan Park Lawyer

Practicing in every state throughout Australia

Ryan Johnstone

Ryan Johnstone

Managing Director

With over 16 years of legal industry experience, the firm's managing director Ryan Johnstone is highly experienced in the property law space and his attention to detail is second to none.

Along with a dedicated focus on motels, hotels, caravan/tourist parks and hostels, Ryan constantly delivers practical, concise and reliable legal advice, whilst understanding and responding to his clients actual needs. 

Ryan offers a genuine, commercial approach to business, without the smoke & mirrors.


The Law Department

Gold Coast, Australia

Tel: +61 (0) 406 446 163​

PO Box 1143

Kingscliff NSW 2487

Caravan Park Lawyer
Caravan Park Lawyer

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